An Introduction to McKinsey Greater China

McKinsey & Company is a global management consulting firm in Greater China.
We are an advisor to some of the region’s major businesses, governments, and institutions. Our primary mission is to help our clients achieve substantial and enduring impact by tackling their biggest issues concerning strategy, operations, organization, technology and finance.

This page provides a brief introduction to the work we do, our people, the clients we serve, and our work in the broader society. Learn more about McKinsey’s distinctive expertise, implementation capabilities, and commitment to clients.

The Work We Do

We serve our clients across a broad range of industry and functional areas. The common theme is that we aspire only to serve clients on engagements that will have a material impact on their overall performance and health. Although we advise clients on strategy and believe we are distinctive at this aspect of our work, many are surprised to learn that strategy engagements represent less than 30 percent of our work. We support our clients across a very wide range of issues.

In addition to providing strategic advice, we work closely with clients to redesign their organizations for higher performance; improve their operations; market their products more effectively; integrate a new

acquisition; improve risk management; reduce costs; streamline their supply chains; and get better value out of their IT investments.
An essential element in our ability to have impact with clients is our ability to bring distinctive insights and proprietary knowledge to our engagements. To develop this knowledge, we invest several hundred million dollars each year in our own research programs.

In the past 35 years since we established our first office in the region in Hong Kong, we have completed over 3,00 client engagements across more than 15 different industries.

Who We Are

McKinsey is a global management consulting firm in Greater China. Today we have more than 450 consultants and over 70 Partners located across five locations in Greater China: Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei, and Shenzhen. They are supported by more than 100 research professionals, and over 250 professional support staff.



covering 25 industry sectors and 10 functional areas



Over 450 Consultants across 5 locations


Research staff

100 dedicated research staff on-the-ground in China



More than 250 professional support staff

Our deep understanding of what makes doing business so different in Greater China – the unique challenges facing companies, and their very different corporate cultures and management mindsets – stems from our very deep local presence. Over 90% of our more than 350 consultants are of Chinese descent and speak fluent Mandarin as well as one or more dialects of Chinese. More than 80% of our 70 partners are of Chinese descent.




McKinsey is truly a global firm. We are comfortable in any geography, with 50 percent of our work in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa; 30 percent in North America; and 20 percent in Latin America and Asia Pacific. We operate as one firm, bringing the best experts from around McKinsey and from our external network to each engagement in Greater China.

The Clients We Serve

Globally, we are an advisor and counselor to many large businesses and institutions. We serve more than 80 percent of Fortune magazine’s list of the Most Admired Companies. In Greater China, we advise clients in over 15 different industry sectors, and work with dozens of government agencies and institutions at the national, regional and municipal levels.

Our clients are comprised of:

state-owned enterprises
private domestic firms
multinational companies
government & non-profits


State-owned enterprises

We advise some of China’s state-owned enterprises in industries ranging from oil and gas, to technology and telecommunications, to banking and insurance. We’ve helped several state-run companies transform their strategies…

organizational structures and management processes, in many cases for the purpose of preparing them for intenational listings. We’ve advised several state-run companies on their globalization plans, from developing their strategy, to screening and negotiating with overseas acquisition targets, to managing the thorny process of integrating acquired companies with radically different corporate cultures into the parent company.


Privately-held domestic companies

We also advise rapidly growing privately-held companies in industries such as retailing and consumer goods, technology, insurance, and clean energy. Some are well-established, multi-billion-dollar businesses running up against new challenges…

associated with the increasing organizational complexity that comes with scale, while others are smaller and nimbler ventures led by dynamic entrepreneurs with big ambitions.


Multinational corporations

While we still advise clients on market entry, most of our work for multinational companies is focused on embedding established players even deeper into China. We have helped several global Fortune 500 companies turn China from a footnote …

on their global income statement to a substantial contributor to global earnings. And we’ve helped these companies change how they think about China. Today, more and more of our multinational clients understand what it means to treat China as a “second home market”, and are ramping up their investment as well as top management commitment.


Public sector & non-profit institutions

McKinsey’s impact in China goes well beyond our work in the corporate sector. In the past decade alone, we’ve served over 20 different central, provincial and municipal government agencies on a wide range of economic planning, urban redevelopment …

and social sector issues. We’ve helped city planners of some of China’s largest cities design central business districts, plan retail shopping areas, and craft investment attraction strategies for high tech parks. We’ve advised cities on their electric vehicle roll-out plans, craft clean energy policies, and helped airports rethink how they manage passenger flow and retail facilities. We’ve helped provincial and city leaders in Sichuan devise a comprehensive investment attraction plan following the devastating earthquake that struck the region in 2008.

We’ve also advised several central government ministries on a range of high impact issues, from designing healthcare reform policies, to providing talent and leadership development programs for the next generation of government leaders, to crafting policies and specific measures aimed at spurring more domestic consumption.


Commitment to Social Impact & Sustainability

We use the intellectual, financial and convening power of our firm to help address some of Greater China’s most pressing problems. We do this through our work with private, public, and social sector organizations, through our investments in research on topics such as education, and through our extensive pro bono and volunteer work.

We support organizations that are seeking to tackle the toughest societal challenges. Each year, we help leading foundations, nonprofits, and multilateral institutions address issues such as disease, poverty, climate change, and natural disasters.

We also invest to advance understanding of sustainability and resource productivity issues, including carbon abatement, the economics of strategic resources such as water, land, energy and materials, and the circular economy. We aim to lay out the challenges and opportunities for sustainable growth and climate resilience, and propose pathways for transformational change.