Deep Commitment To Your Success

We put our clients’ interests first and bring an independent perspective, so you will always hear what we honestly believe will help you succeed:

  • Client interests and impact are at the center of everything we do. This is at the core of our evaluation system and the way we evaluate client work and opportunities.
  • Our evaluation system is based on client impact, not on revenue target. Because we are a partnership and don’t answer to external shareholders, we gauge performance solely on whether we are making a difference for our clients over time.
  • Our ethic is thatwe undertake engagements only if we believe we can deliver significant, lasting results..
  • We have an independent perspective.To ensure that impact is felt,we always tell the truth as we see it, even when it is not popular. Our private partnership allows us to maintain our independence, so we always offer unbiased, objective advice, which we believe will result in the greatest client impact.



Deep, trust-based relationships with management and commitment beyond engagements.

  • Seventy percent of McKinsey’s work is done with clients who have trusted us for a decade or more, including the most preeminent institutions across the globe.
  • Since 2005 we have served 25 governments in countries that are part of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and 45 governments in developing countries, and 6 out of the 10 largest foundations in the United States.
  • We share our knowledge and insights during and after an engagement and continue to build our clients’ capabilities by working together beyond the engagement.

We work jointly with you at all levels of your organization to build a shared understanding and collective ownership of the solution:

  • Team members are dedicated to a single engagement at any given time to ensure we build long-term and trust-based working environments.
  • We always work with clients in their offices to ensure we are accessible and the process is collaborative.
  • We engage with your people at all levels of the organization to develop a thorough understanding of your unique culture, capabilities, and challenges.
  • We constantly collect client feedback throughout and after each engagement to ensure that teams have a successful and rich shared experience.