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Why China Should Boost Productivity Not Reproductivity

China’s aging economy will need the power of gender parity & the power of productivity to sustain itself.

5 Reasons Why China’s Economy Won’t Collapse

Jonathan Woetzel challenges five common assumptions on China's future.

Three Ways Chinese Companies Are Winning with the Customer

Some of China’s greatest successes have been in customer-focused innovation.

China’s Growing Pains

As China reaches the forefront of global economies, it will have to address a new set of challenges, raising questions about China's role

Will China Get Fat Before It Gets Rich?

The rising wave of obesity and its health and economic costs cannot be ignored. No longer a “western” problem, today, 62% of the world’s obese people are in developing countries.

Meeting China’s Affordable Housing Challenge

Of the 200 million urban households in Asia, Africa, & Latin America living in substandard housing, 62 million are in China.

Putting China’s Debt Into Perspective

China’s total debt quadrupled between 2007 & 2014, about one-third of the $57 trillion in debt added globally then. Can this possibly be safe?

What Should China Do About Slowing Economic Growth?

In the face of a slowing economy in China, it's not the precise rate of growth that is the key issue, but what drives that growth.

This Is How Chinese Real Estate Is Going Digital

The construction cranes hovering over the Beijing and Shanghai skylines have come to symbolize China’s high-flying real estate sector. But for all the staggering sums that have flooded into new urban properties, it’s easy to forget that China privatized its housing market less than two decades ago. This young […]