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Gauging the strength of Chinese innovation

Can China become the center of global innovation? A new McKinsey Global Institute report shows how it could happen.

The China Effect on Global Innovation

China must promote innovation to secure a high-growth future, a new McKinsey Global Institute report finds.

A CEO’s guide to innovation in China

Dynamic domestic players and focused multinationals are helping China churn out a growing number of innovative products and services. Intensifying competition lies ahead; here’s a road map for navigating it.

China is innovating. Some of its achievements are visible: a doubling of the global percentage of patents granted to Chinese […]

Recent developments in Chinese innovation

Meaningful advances are emerging in fields ranging from genomics to mobile apps—and what’s happening beneath the surface may be even more significant.

Three snapshots of Chinese innovation

Chinese innovation is evolving in diverse ways and at an uneven pace across a range of different industries.