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How Savvy, Social Shoppers Are Transforming E-commerce

Our latest survey indicates that several promising new sources of e-commerce growth are emerging

China’s Economic Dip Is Moving Shoppers Online

A new survey of Chinese consumers indicates a more upbeat picture than most have expected.

China’s iConsumer 2015: A Growing Appetite for Change

Chinese e-commerce is developing even faster than previously believed, with Chinese iConsumers embracing online commerce.

China’s Rising Internet Wave: Wired Companies

Increased digital engagement by Chinese companies will give the economy a burst of momentum & change the nature of growth.

Four Trends Shaping China’s Retail Banking Landscape

By 2020, China could become the world's largest retail banking market

China’s digital transformation

A new report from the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) projects that new Internet applications could fuel some 7 to 22 percent of China’s incremental GDP growth through 2025.

China’s e-tail revolution

Almost overnight, China has become the world’s second-largest e-tail market.

Understanding social media in China

The world’s largest social-media market is vastly different from its counterpart in the West.

China’s social-media boom

Social media is exploding worldwide, and China is leading the way.

Succeeding in China’s online video market

Profits are coming, but only players with the deepest pockets will survive to enjoy them.