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  • Shanghai Tower, Second Tallest Building in World, Jin Mao Tower from Yuyuan Garden, Old Town, Shanghai China
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    China’s Choice: Capturing the $5 Trillion Productivity Opportunity

China’s Choice: Capturing the $5 Trillion Productivity Opportunity

Shifting to a productivity-led economy from one focused on investment could add trillions of dollars to the country’s growth by 2030.

What Might Happen in China in 2016?

Gordon Orr predicts what might happen to China's economy in 2016

What Should China Do About Slowing Economic Growth?

In the face of a slowing economy in China, it's not the precise rate of growth that is the key issue, but what drives that growth.

What could happen in China in 2015?

Slower economic growth, greater volatility, and rising competition ahead for China in the new year.

What could happen in China in 2014?

The year ahead could see companies focus on driving productivity, CIOs becoming a hot commodity, and shopping malls going bankrupt.

Forecasting China

A review of the good guesses, major misses, and lessons learned from predicting what will happen in China.

What’s in store for China in 2013?

2013 could be a time of significant change for everything from banks, retailers, and infrastructure projects to pork prices, soccer, and “compulsory” vacation.

What’s next for China?

China is making strides toward becoming a consumer-driven economy.