China Point

Meeting China’s Affordable Housing Challenge

Like everything else in China, the affordable housing problem is bigger than in most other places. 200 million urban households in Asia, Africa, and Latin America live in substandard housing; 62 million of those are in China.

Putting China’s Debt Into Perspective

China’s total debt quadrupled between 2007 and 2014, which was about one-third of the $57 trillion in debt added globally during that period. Can this possibly be safe?

This Is How Chinese Real Estate Is Going Digital

Like many sectors of the Chinese economy, real estate is in the early stages of going digital. This transformation will shape how deals get done in the future, and it will speed up development of the infrastructure, standards, and practices that are the hallmarks of a mature market.

Changing rules of the road for China’s auto industry

In many areas of the Chinese economy, from refrigerators to computers and banking to consumer goods, domestic players have captured the lion's share of the enormous market.

Employers struggle to find talent in China

Wu Hao doesn’t think much of China’s young people. Even college graduates, the Hebei factory manager says, don’t have basic skills. “Smiling and shaking hands:...

Chinese banks in the (re)balance

A liquidity squeeze is refocusing attention on China's banks, and not a moment too soon.