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    Prices Fall Again! Chinese Manufacturers’ Latest Challenge

Prices Fall Again! Chinese Manufacturers’ Latest Challenge

While prices of products coming out of Chinese factories aren't falling as fast as the price of shares of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, they've been falling for longer & are causing more pain in the real economy

Why Does South Africa Put Up Barriers to Chinese Tourists?

Until mid-2014, visitors from China were one of South Africa’s largest source of tourists. Since then, however, visitor numbers have declined significantly. What happened?

The Crisis Facing China’s Professions

The new focus of China’s ongoing anti-corruption initiative appears to be on more humble state employees such as teachers & doctors.

How China Can Help Europe Grow

My colleagues at the McKinsey Global Institute published their latest work a few days ago. It focused on how Europe can renew itself to achieve sustained GDP growth of 2-3%. An astonishingly low aspiration when viewed by Chinese policy makers. Key actions they propose are in areas of new investment and job creation, in increasing competitiveness, and capitalizing on what they believe is a willingness of citizens to reduce their social protections in return for more working hours and pay.

Chinese Consumers Deserve Better Service

Many observers moan about how Chinese consumers need to spend more, but little thought seems to be given to offering services that they would actually want to spend money on.

This is Why Chinese Consumers Are Still Glum

Chinese consumer sentiment in May remained at the same five-year low reached in the previous month.

The Old Rules on Investing in China Still Apply

Why it's important to know the history of what works and what won’t work before launching a China joint venture.
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    Exports of Fresh Produce to China Are About to Get Really Big

Exports of Fresh Produce to China Are About to Get Really Big

China’s second largest ecommerce company,, just invested US$70 million in an importer of fresh produce, FruitDay.

This is Why China Should Enforce its Construction Standards

A recent tragedy in Henan province demonstrates the need to enforce mandatory standards in China’s construction industry.

China Is Betting Big on These 10 Industries

China’s government launched its “Made in China 2025” program last week to promote homegrown technology.