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Life Insurance in China: Creating Value in a Changing Industry

January 21, 2016|0 Comments

A recent report analyzes China’s life insurance industry to see why some carriers have created significant value, while others are dragging industry returns down to below zero.

A Mobile Future in Private Banking

August 5, 2015|0 Comments

Banks should step up their digital game and offer wealthy consumers useful mobile applications.

  • Four Trends Shaping China's Retail Banking Market - McKinsey China

Four Trends Shaping China’s Retail Banking Landscape

January 8, 2015|0 Comments

By 2020, China could become the world's largest retail banking market

How they fell: The collapse of Chinese cross-border listings

December 26, 2013|0 Comments

As the China–US IPO pipeline restarts, recent history offers lessons for companies, investors, and regulators.

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The coming transformation of China’s trust industry

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The Chinese trust industry is poised for a major transformation in the coming decade.

A new direction in Chinese banking

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Shifting from primarily servicing larger enterprises to individuals and small business presents Chinese banks with a major challenge.

China’s rising stature in global finance

July 10, 2013|0 Comments

What would it take for China to assume a new role as world financier?

Chinese banks in the (re)balance

May 22, 2013|0 Comments

A liquidity squeeze is refocusing attention on China's banks, and not a moment too soon.

Report on private banking in China 2012

November 15, 2012|Comments Off on Report on private banking in China 2012

The number of wealthy Chinese is rising quickly, creating enormous opportunities for banks that can understand their investment needs.

Private equity Asia-Pacific: Is the boom back?

June 22, 2012|0 Comments

The Asian private equity market has shaken off the lingering effects of the global financial crisis.

For banks, success requires patience

January 10, 2012|0 Comments

Operating in China presents many hurdles, but they are not insurmountable.

The changing face of Asian personal financial services

September 5, 2011|0 Comments

Banks doing business in Asia face rapidly changing consumer behavior.