Passport excess


Passport excess

To get my new passport from the British consulate this year, I’ve been asked to bring along a number of my prior passports, which made me think: “Just how many are there?” Turns out there are 20 – see attached picture, basically one for every year I have been in Asia. I am not sure if the UK government makes a profit on issuing passports, but at more than 150 pounds for a 48-page document, I feel they should. If I am at a (very) loose end one day, I might count the number of entry stamps I have by country. I hesitate to offer a guess.

On the subject of travel, I can’t recommend the APEC travel card highly enough. The permission that it brings to bypass long passport control lines on arrival and departure is an incredible benefit. It took a while to get it but very worthwhile. The certainty that this brings in how long it will take to get through formalities combined with online checks, materially reduces how early one needs to safely get to the airport.

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