McKinsey on China

What’s in Store for China in 2016?

2015 has been an eventful year for China. The economy cooled. The stock market took a hit. But what’s in store for China in 2016? In this podcast, Nick Leung talks with Gordon Orr about his annual predictions for China in the new year. They’re joined by Joe Ngai and David Cogman.

How Patient Do Chinese Patients Need to Be?

Access to quality drugs is becoming a critical issue in China’s journey toward modernizing its healthcare system.

Will Big Data Be Big in China?

Big data is beginning to have big impact in China, but in what areas and to what extent?

What is Gender Equality Worth in China?

A discussion on the economic implications of the lack of parity between men and women in China.

How and Where Will China Innovate?

The question is no longer will China innovate, but how and where.

Special Edition: Taking Stock of China’s Economy

China’s President Xi Jinping is in the US this week on his first state visit. One topic he’ll be discussing in his speeches and in private conversations with US leaders is the state of the Chinese economy. In this special edition of McKinsey on China, Nick Leung, Gordon Orr and Yougang Chen offer their take on the challenges that China faces today.

Will a Chip Champion Emerge from China?

China has invested billions of dollars in building up a domestic semiconductor industry. Last year, it announced a new policy to promote the development of the sector, but to date, China has yet to create a company that can compete on a global level.

Can You Understand the Chinese Consumer in Just One Hour?

Last year, we invited Jonathan Woetzel and Jeff Towson on the show to discuss their book, One Hour China. The book was intended to be a short, "speed read" to help executives quickly understand the key trends shaping business in China. In this episode, they return to talk with Nick Leung about the sequel to that, the One Hour China Consumer book, which takes a deep dive into several of the most important consumer trends shaping Chinese business today.

Is a Bubble Brewing in China’s Internet?

Despite having the 2nd largest e-commerce market in the world & startups listing at sky high valuations, some observers are wondering if a bubble is brewing in China's Internet market.

Should China rethink its approach to electric vehicles?

Despite billions spent on subsidies, tax breaks, and other incentives, electric vehicles have yet to take off.