At a recent talk in Europe, I was asked during the Q&A by a Chinese member of the audience to suggest an English language reading list on China. Here is what I came up with as old favorites:

  • Caixin magazine (subscribe online)
  • The Party – Richard McGregor
  • Red Capitalism – Carl Walter
  • Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics – Yasheng Huang
  • Avoiding the Fall – Michael Pettis
  • Inside China’s Shadow Banking – Joe Zhang

A couple that are on my to-buy list, but have not yet arrived:

  • China’s Second Continent – Howard French
  • Age of Ambition – Evan Osnos

And below is the remainder of my list from a year ago

  • One Billion Customers – James McGregor
  • The Chinese – Jasper Becker
  • River Town – Peter Hessler
  • Tide Players – Jianying Zha
  • Poorly Made in China – Paul Midler
  • Factory Girls – Leslie Chang
  • Stumbling Giant – Tim Beardson
  • Tiger Head, Snake Tails – Jonathan Fenby
  • On China – Henry Kissinger
  • China’s War with Japan – Rana Mitter

What am I missing that I should use the summer to catch up on?


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Image credit: Lochaven / Flickr