This Is What Government Efficiency Looks Like


This Is What Government Efficiency Looks Like

Having been frustrated by so many occasions when governments should have been able to perform a task more efficiently, more quickly or correctly the first time, I feel I have to highlight a recent experience that way exceeded my expectations.

I was in London for a day of meetings earlier this month. I needed to perform my annual task of renewing my passport as pages in the current passport were close to full.

I made a 15 minute appointment online for 2:15 in the afternoon. I filled in the form, which seems to get simpler each year, in about 10 minutes. I arrived early for the appointment and was seen early. I was able to collect the new passport at 6 pm the same day.

And the cost of doing this – at about US$210 – is less than the cost of renewing the passport in the past in Hong Kong or Shanghai.

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Image credit: Chris Fleming / Flickr

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